Sentinel Mara Camp

lion viewing

"Perfection! Everything about this wonderful place shows thought, sensitivity and a deep love of the Masai Mara, its animals and people."

Our Eco-camp has no permanent structures and blends into the natural surroundings to enhance our guests’ experience of being in the wild. The seasonal nature of the camp which is taken down during the rainy seasons encourages rejuvenation of the vegetation.

As members of EcoTourism (Kenya) we are committed to sustainable community based conservation with local community elders receiving a portion of guests’ fees. Believing that the future of conservation is linked with local communities benefitting from tourism we employ members of the local community and facilitate authentic encounters with the Masai where their heritage, customs and culture are shared.

Our overall philosophy is to meaningfully introduce guests to this amazing location and its abundant wildlife with minimum interference to the environment.

Sentinel has sponsored "Business for Life" training for over 75 people in local communities to start and run their own businesses successfully.